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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ozzy and Tigger Kitty Update

Ozzy and Tigger are home now and are doing good.

We got a shock when we went in to get them from the vet. Usually Ozzy is the honry one while Tigger is the well-behaved one. Today it was the exact opposite! From what we were told, Tigger was quite the escape artist and Ozzy was the angel! Hard to believe that's for sure. He became his old self again when the people at the clinic were trying to put him in his pen. You could hear him throwing a fit all the way out in the waiting room. lol. They seem the same, yet you can tell a little difference already. They seem way more calm already. Pets are so awesome. Here are some post-op photos I just took of them.

"Here's Ozzy!" lol

"Is that the ferret over there?"
"I want more kitty treats!"
"Is that you Ozzy?"
"Mmmmmm kitty chow!"
"My ouchie hurts!"

"Where's my cat toy?"
"Oh cat kennel. I'll rub on you but I'm not going
back inside you anytime soon."
Tigger with his favorite food: Purina Cat Chow.
"What are you looking at me for? I'm not going back
to the vet!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Introducing Blackjack

My name is Blackjack. I am an Emperor Scorpion and love to dig in my tank. Daddy fixed some new soil for me and made it veryyyy deep :). My favorite food is crickets and I love to hide in my coconut.
"Peek-a-boo I see you!"

"I'm digging my escape!" lol

Introducing Tank

My name is Tank. I am a Curly-Hair Tarantula and the newest member of the family. My favorite food is crickets and my favorite toy is my log! I love to be held!!!

"I'm crawling up your leg mama......." lol

"Mama did you wash your hands?" lol

Introducing Princess

My name is Princess. I am 2 years old and I run the house. Whenever the cats see me comin they get out of my way! I love to take things and stash them in my favorite place-under mama and daddy's dresser!

"Put me down, put me down!" lol

"Time to add to my stash of food."
"I have no comment." lol

Introducing Tigger

My name is Tigger. I am 7 months old and am the "Little Gadget" of the family. I am very loveable, playful, and love sitting on my mama and daddy's laps. My favorite toy is the same as my brother Ozzy's-the laser light!

"Here I come, walkin down the street." lol

"You talkin to me???"

"Aww shucks mama."

"I'm blushing, don't take my picture." lol

"You know I look good."
"I have to rest up for my big day tomorrow."
"I have kitty pms. Don't mess with me." lol
"Nighty night."

Introducing Ozzy

My name is Ozzy. I am 7 months old and am the honriest of the family. I can be loveable when I want to and love to follow my mama wherever she goes :). My favorite toy is the laser light :).

Here I am chillin on the bed.

"Look Mama and Daddy, I'm strutting my stuff" lol.

"Where's that laser light?"

"I'm gonna get that light Daddy" lol.

Introducing Gadget

My name is Gadget. I am 12 years old and the oldest kitty in the house. Don't let my age fool ya though. I am as spunky and frisky as a kitten and am as loveable to boot. I am sooooooo pretty too!!!!

Time for my nightly bath.

"I'm ignoring you Mama." lol
"I saw a white light."
"Oh, it's just mama and that camera again." lol

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